When it comes to youth. we will think of the following words, passionate, lovely, enthusiastic, playful and so on. But one word I regard as the most important is energetic.


There is no doubt that all the teenagers at our ages have the desire to show ourselves and to prove that we're not so bad. On the contrary, we can do better than anyone else. Since I' m one of them, I am standing here right now to speak out our personalities.


We' re brave. As you can see, each time school holds some contests, we take an active part in them . Maybe we' re shy,don't know how express ourselves properly and sometimes we stand on the stage but forget the words we have prepared for more than 100 times. So embarrassed! But who cares! We still want to show ourselves. We smile to cover our inner fear. We sing to encourage ourselves. 


We' re free. Our minds are free. We come up with great ideas about all the questions. We have different onions about things around us. We work out difficult math problems in different ways. Our hearts are free. We imagine ourselves to be great men. We have a lot of interests. We have lots of dreams. All in all, our hearts fly in the sky of imagination. And finally we try to achieve them through our efforts. 


That' s out youth—a generation who try to take the responsibilities of themselves. At last I want to sing a song to end my speech: “ I can fly. I' m proud that I can fly. To give the best of mine. Till the end of the time. Believe me I can fly. I' m proud that I can fly . To give the best of mine. The heaven in the sky!” we all believe we can fly, we can fly high!